Note from the Tutor

Dear Student,

I am Anthony Fok, Principal Tutor at

I am supposing that you are looking for some help with your Economics. More specifically, you want to do well for your A levels.

I can understand why you find Economics difficult. It is a new subject, with demanding content and skills. I enjoy teaching the subject because I see how students ‘get it’. When they finally do after being taught by me, I remember why I was drawn to the job in the first place. Economics is no longer that dreaded subject that they dislike and detest. They first gain interest, and then they gain aptitude.

There are many Economics tuition, and what I can promise you is my devotion as a tutor. I love my job. I love educating students, helping them to understand, become competent and finally to succeed in their endeavors. I used to teach in schools, and decided to take the risk by becoming a full time tutor. I wanted to reach out to more students, especially those who struggle with Economics, students like you.

I hope you have faith in me as a tutor, and in yourself. You have it in you to succeed. This faith will not be misplaced. So long as you are committed to improving, I will do my part to assist you.

All the best,

Anthony Fok

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