• - Rahul Sibal (Victoria Junior College - 2013)

    "An intelligent, engaging and caring teacher; there is little else that can describe Mr Fok. A true Economics guru this man, with his guidance..."

  • - Nicholas (Jurong Junior College - 2013)

    "At the beginning of the year, I was struggling with the Economics subject with constant grades of E/S. That’s when I decided to sign up for tuition.."

  • - Clarice Tay (Nanyang Junior College - 2013)

    "I have definitely benefited greatly from the lessons taught by Mr Fok. My Economics grades improved tremendously after attending his lessons."

  • - Yuqing (Nanyang Junior College)

    "Even though I joined Econs tuition with Mr Fok for a short period of time, my understanding of Economics concepts and theory has increased greatly."

  • - Farah Dyan (Anglo Chinese Junior College - 2013)

    "I had been doing badly in econs ever since I took up the subject in JC1. So 6 months before the A levels, my friend recommended that I join Mr Fok's lessons."


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    What to look out for in an A Level Economics Tutor

    There are thousands of tutors out there in the market trying to carve out a niche on their own. Having the paper qualifications is no longer the determining factor in attracting students. He might be a PhD holder, but he might not be able to deliver the same concept to the students in a simple and engaging manner. Of course, the ba...
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    Universities in Singapore

    1.National University of Singapore

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    Knowledge is the first step to succeeding in economics examination